For CG Sportsbooks Customers Regarding William Hill Acquisition

What is happening in simple terms?

On November 20th, it was announced that William Hill and CG had agreed to a transaction for the sale of CG’s sports book assets of its Nevada and Bahamas operations subject to certain conditions and receipt of regulatory approvals.

Does this affect CG’s Race and Sports business?

Yes, it covers CG’s horse racing and sports betting retail operations as well as CG’s two betting apps CG Sports and CG Casino.

What happens to my active bets and account balances?

All active bets will be honored, including futures bets that have outcomes after the acquisition becomes final and the books are transitioned to William Hill ( https://www.williamhill.com/ ). All account funds shall remain completely intact.

What if I have a winning over-the-counter ticket?

All winning tickets may be redeemed at the CG Sportsbook where they were purchased until the transition date. After that date, winning tickets must be redeemed within one (1) year of the event date either in person or by mail. Detailed instructions on post-transition date redemption options will be provided on our website (www.cgsportsbooks.com) once finalized.

Will CG be open and accepting wagers until William Hill takes over?

Yes, CG will be conducting business as usual as CG Technology Sportsbooks now until the transition date, which is expected to occur sometime in the first half of 2020. Thus, you can continue to make wagers and cash tickets at all CG Sportsbook locations in Las Vegas and via our CG Sports mobile app until then.