FAQ: Coronavirus and CG sportsbooks

How long will you remain closed?

Our five Las Vegas Strip-area sportsbooks will remain closed until it is safe to reopen under the state’s COVID-19 response plan.

While we hope this will be a short-term interruption to our business, the health and safety of our customers, employees, and community is our highest priority.

What if I want the funds remaining in my account now?

Account holders with balances and those who wired deposits can request a check or wire out by emailing gaming-treasury@cgtglobal.com or by calling  702-677-3830 .

What happens if I had a futures wager on the NCAA basketball tournament?

All futures wagers made on the tournament and conference tournaments will be refunded.

What happens if a sports league cancels a season outright?

Our predetermined totals of games that must be played in a shortened season govern the amount of games that teams must play in a season for a “season win total” future to be considered “action”.  If this threshold is not met in the case of a shortened season, those bets will be refunded — even if it was a mathematical certainty to cash, such as a bet for under 45 wins on a team with only 15-wins with only 20 games to play. 

The games played thresholds for the NBA and NHL are 80 and 82 (full season), respectively.  There are no season win total wagers offered for MLB for the 2020 season.  Contact us at 702-677-3830 or email us at support@cgtglobal.com for other sport thresholds.

What happens if a sports league suspends or shortens a season?

All futures bets on conference and title odds are action despite a shortened season. If a championship is not played, all bets are refunded.

What if I have a winning ticket and can’t get to a sportsbook?

You can always redeem your ticket through the mail. Instructions are here at https://cgsportsbooks.com/legal/faq/.

Additional questions?

Call us at 702-677-3830, email us at support@cgtglobal.com